Enhance your core workout with the Boss Ab Blaster™


One of the next “big things” when it comes to core training and development… it’s going to become an unbeatable standard of all other home-based core machines.

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"The Boss Ab Blaster™ delivers a core workout unlike any other." - Dimitry Boss, Founder


Join a movement of doers and changers. The Boss Ab Blaster™ delivers a fully unique, core workout experience unlike any other, combining the agility of an on-the-go machine, with the power of a full gym workout. Don't ever underestimate the CORE with Boss Ab Blaster™.

The Ab Blaster™ gives me multi-dimensional core involvement a turn-of-the-dial simplicity; targeting exactly where I need to tone or strengthen, while supplying the isolation I expect with a primary muscle device.
— Zeke S. | Co-owner, SurrealBodySolutions, LLC
We took a relatively simple idea and crafted an efficient design out of materials that could handle years of wear and tear. When used in conjunction with your furniture or outdoors, the Boss Ab Blaster™ correctly counteracts and resists your movement and pinpoints your core as needed.
— Mark, Product Engineering, Sterling Group

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